Welcome to the Art Department at Our Lady of Mercy College, Beaumont.

Art as  a subject embraces some many aspects of our lives but some many people remain unaware of this.  When we look around actively we can see how our lives are improved and enhanced by good design in the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the products we use. Some much of what we see at the cinema or on different media starts out from the vision of art educated directors, cinematograhers, etc.

Unfortunately some people still  think that art is only  about drawing and painting. While these two very importantly, do form the foundation of the subject,they are not the whole picture.

In our art class at Mercy College, Beaumont we aim to explore many different approaches to making art, to learn about Irish and International art and artists, to explore the creative process itself and in that way learn to think outside the box, to create our own designs from start to finish, to develop an appreciation for art and culture and to  go on to  achieve high standards in whatever we choose to do after leaving school.

Finally an art education gives a student a direction to which they can turn to, confidently. To be able to learn to conceive something from a sketch, gather the materials and make an object and to communicate through that object to the world is a great achievment, because it has come from you alone.